5 reasons to choose Latex Mattresses

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The Latex Mattesses are well known on the international market and are becoming more popular on the Republic of Moldova market. They are around since 1950 and they are known as one of the healtiest mattresses you can choose from.


So, lets see some benefits of buying Latex Mattresses.

1. Healthy MattressesHealthy Mattresses

The reason they are considered healty is beacause latex is a natural substance that comes from the rubber tree.

2. DurabilityDurability - latex

These mattresses are durable in time. They can last more than 15 years, because the material they are made from is durable.

3. FirmityFirmity

The Latex Mattresses are firm and this is due to the fact that it will get the shape of your body, but in the same time it wont make you feel that your body goes down into the mattress.

4. Heat of the mattressHeat of the mattress

These Mattresses priduce more heat than any othe mattresses and it feels good and pleasnt to the body.

5. SmellSmell

These mattresses dont have an odd smell when they are new. They smell pleasant, beachse of the materials they are made from.

In the same time, these mattresses are more expensive than other ones. But, if you are thinking in buy this kind of mattress, dont hesitate to contact our MATCO® representatives to assist you in any questions or concerns you have.

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