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Design Interior, Design Exterior, 3D

Spatial planning, 3D visualization, choosing the finishing advice. Home Decorating Ideas.

Interior Design

Kitchen furniture, Bedrooms, Children's furniture, Furniture for offices and Commercial spaces.

Custom Furniture

Memory foam mattresses, individual spring mattresses, mattresses from latex.

Orthopedic Mattress

A wide range of children's products: beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, memory pillows etc.

Children's Products


More than 10 years of experience and high quality products.

Exclusive Design

Adjusted custom design for each client.

Manufacturer Price

A wide range of products at affordable price directly from the manufacturer.

Free Delivery

Any acquisition receives free transport to the buyer.

Why Choose Our Team?

  • More than 10 years experience
  • Professionalism
  • Adapting to customer requirements
  • Creativity
  • Rightness
  • Fidelity

Why our products?

  • Individual Design
  • Diversity in choice
  • Quality Service
  • Attractive Price
  • Scheduled in time
  • Free Delivery

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How to order MATCO® Mattress products ?

Contact Us

Calls at (22) 902399 and we will arrange a meeting at convened time for you.

Establish details

We develop a project design according to your preferences.

Sign a contract

We calculate the price of the order and determine the period for implementation and delivery.


We deliver products

Free transport delivery for the ordered products.


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Saltele Ortopedice Gama Optim

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Saltele Ortopedice Gama Optim

Saltea ”OPTIM 25cm”

#saltele #saltea_optim #saltele_ortopedice #matco_optim ...

Sales price: 2500 Lei

Saltele Ortopedice gama – MATCO® OPTIM

#saltele #saltele ortopedice #saltelemoldova ...

Sales price: 1500 Lei

Saltea - ”Universal 20cm”

#saltea_ortopedica #saltea_universal20 #saltele ...

Sales price: 1500 Lei

Saltea - ”Mediu 22cm”

#saltea #saltea_mediu_22cm #matco #mediu22cm, #saltele ...

Sales price: 2000 Lei

Saltele Memory Clasice - 18cm | Chișinău, Moldova

MODELUL de SALTEA ORTO-ANATOMICĂ cu dublu efect, pe partea ...

Sales price: 4000 Lei

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