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7 zone
Heavy Duty
Pressure Relief
Summer Winter
Removable Cover
Temperature Regulation
3d Air Mesh
Anti Bed bug

ELatex Mattresses


Elastic, comfortable and anti-allergy are the most perfect solution for those demanding. Due to the presence of air intercommunicating microcells, latex foam allows a major internal ventilation, a much higher thermal stability, and its elasticity enables effective molding body during sleep.

    • Height mattress - 18 cm
    • Differential Zone - 7
    • Type mattress cover - Removable 
    • Type ventilation - 3D Band
    • Stoc - Standard sizes
    • Custom-made - The various dimensions 
    • Delivery - Free 

Inter latex core - 100% indeformabil, antiallergic, with good ventilation capacity due to the porosity of latex. Latex mattress provides sound that easily adapts anatomically physiological curves. Particular structure and especially the strip 3D pouch mattress allows its optimal ventilation.


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