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7 zone
Heavy Duty
Pressure Relief
Custom Made
Memory foam
Summer Winter
Removable Cover
Temperature Regulating

Memo7 Mattresses


7 zones differentiated from comfort, mattresses consist of a surface self-adaptable of Memory Foam, a plate Central High Density playing the role of shock absorber, and a surface rigid Wa-ter Flex, designed with stiffness double: a surface auto-adaptable and surface anatomy.

    • Height mattress - 22 cm
    • Differential Zone - 7
    • Type mattress cover - Removable, washing 60º 
    • Type ventilation - 3D Band
    • Stoc - Standard sizes
    • Custom-made - The various dimensions 
    • Delivery - Free 

The mattress is composed of a surface self-adaptăbif (h. 6 cm) of Memory Foam, a main board (h. 8cm) high density that plays a silencer, and of another rigid surface (h. 6 cm) Wa-ter of Flex. The mattress is equipped with a double stiffness: a self-adaptable surface (MEMORY) and an anatomical area. The advantage of the mattress is to reduce the pressure of sleeping surface on the body. The mattress is antiacariana and antibacterial.


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